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Mantra for Abundance

“The right things come to me in the right way at the right time.”

~ Truth

Where our attention goes, energy flows. For as refined as the algorithm Facebook uses to present information in our feed to get us to click on it, the Universe has the perfect algorithm for our attention to get us to engage with it, to direct us, to provide us with resources necessary for the fulfillment of all our desires and the highest aspirations for ourselves.

Don't Buy Something. Be Something.

The right things are the things we need, the resources, information, knowledge, wisdom, teachers, guidance, money, connections, channels, skills that we require for the next leg of the journey, the next challenge, the next obstacle to surmount, the next hurdle to jump, the next wall to scale, the next goal to fulfill.

Those things come to us in the right way, that is, they come over the transom in a manner in which we can recognize and receive them. They are sent in a method that is meant just for us, perfectly for us, intended just for us, in a manner only we can recognize as exactly and precisely right for us. We know it when we see it, hear it, taste it, touch it, smell it.

And finally, those things come to us in the right time, at precisely the moment we need them, Divinely-ordered, which is to say, just in time. For when else would we need something then exactly when we need it? Why carry around a tool we can’t use until we need to use it? Why be in possession of extraneous or superfluous things until we require their utility? The Universe knows what we need, when we need it and hands off its special delivery to us in the instant we need it most.

Believe it. Repeat it:

“The right things come to me in the right way at the right time.”

It’s a mantra of Divine timing. A Mantra for Abundance. A mantra for being present in the moment so that we can recognize when there’s a delivery with our name on it.

Otherwise, where is our attention? Is it on Facebook, where its algorithm is presenting us with news on which to focus our awareness? Is it on YouTube whose algorithm presents us with the next best video to stream to maintain our engagement?

Or is our attention in the moment, on our being, in awareness of where we are, what we’re thinking, how we’re feeling and what we’re doing RIGHT NOW so that we can receive the message, the information, the resources, the insight, the gift that the Universe delivers to us at the exactly the right time in the right way for its best and highest use and our best and highest purpose? Hopefully, the latter. 

And it’s the latter that enables you to climb the ladder.

And that ladder is the one the Universe urges you ascend to become your best self, the most aspirational version of who you are, of who you can become. Because, ultimately, while the content on Facebook, on YouTube, on the device you’re currently reading this on can provide entertaining engagement, the most effective and powerful algorithm in creation is the one that directed you to this post in the first place: Divine Timing, Cosmic Consciousness, Source Serendipity.

And it’s making you aware that to receive the abundance that is ever-flowing in your direction, you must be present to receive it. Present in the world in which you are a part. Present. Presently. Like being home for the FedEx guy.

“You must be present to receive the present.”

Anything that attunes you to that truth, that reinforces that tenet, that amplifies that axiom is an algorithm worth paying attention to. It’s the ONLY algorithm that matters. The algorithm of BEING. It’s an algorithm that isn’t trying to get you to do anything other than fulfill your greatest potential and live your most meaningful life.

The funny thing is this algorithm doesn’t cost you anything. Nor does it cost you anything to receive it. You don’t even need to take Visa or American Express. There are no transaction fees. It doesn’t sell your information, your demographics, your analytics. And you don’t pay a percentage.

But you do have to pay attention.

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Wild & Precious

"Allowing another to treat us by default is our own fault."
~ Truth
Blue Butterfly Transparent

"Your one wild and precious life”* is sacred. Protect it with everything you’ve got.

If one does not foster the circumstances that encourage honor and respect from others, then one is encouraging circumstances that will allow for diminishment, disparagement, disregard of oneself.

Old habits die hard. Allowing mistreatment to become a habit makes it more and more difficult to break that habitual behavior in another. It also becomes harder to break our own habit of expecting less.

Human beings are pliant. We can get used to anything. But that doesn’t mean we should.

Human beings are pliant. We can get used to anything. But that doesn’t mean we should. We must train others to treat us in the manner in which we wish to be treated. Otherwise they will become accustomed to treating us as they desire to do so. Which is usually by default: their set way of being, of doing, of acting in the world. It’s their unconscious manner. Their autonomic behavior toward others, which is a reflection of their attitude about themselves.

We can elevate our own status by establishing the type of treatment we deserve from others. The first way to do this is to treat ourselves well. We can’t honestly and fully honor another unless we know what it feels like to honor ourselves, to pamper ourselves, to cater to our own needs, to feel pampered, to feel taken care of, to feel dignified and respected.

In setting our own example, we are establishing the blueprint for how we wish to be treated. How we insist on being treated. For anything less than we deserve should be rejected. Anything that meets our standard should be accepted with gratitude, with grace.

Trading oneself for another — one’s standards for another’s — is a foolhardy endeavor. Suffering at the expense of others — letting them transgress your boundaries—is unhealthy. It should make you angry. Furious. And that ire is a sign your thresholds have been crossed.

If we don’t set our own standard, then the standard will be set by another. Usually the standard by which they treat themselves. And far too many treat themselves poorly. They don’t feel they deserve much so they don’t expect much and they don’t receive much.

So set your own standard. Raise the bar. Be the example for how others should be treating you AND for how others deserve to be treated themselves. No matter how high or low we set our expectations, they are usually met.

Your one life is “wild and precious.” Don’t allow yourself to be treated by another’s standards. When you do, it’s not their fault, it’s their default, which is just your own fault.


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*excerpt from "The Summer Day" by Mary Oliver

What's So Special About Hummingbirds?

Portrait of an artist mid-design

I'm mid-stream in the creative process, mid-thought, midday. Contemplating the properties and essence of the hummingbird and why I want it on the cover of my book.

This video is raw — a stream-of-consciousness. And it took 20 hours to upload from Big Sur!

As I'm re-designing the cover I've been contemplating this magical creature, it's importance to me as a totem for this project and how it is a beautiful, ideal metaphor for what's contained in How To Succeed On Purpose.

This week I also produced a Hummingbird Meditation. You can find that here

One could say I'm in a hummingbird state of mind. Or state of being...

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Hummingbird Meditation

why does the hummingbird hum?

Invoke the joyous flight and freedom of the hummingbird to inspire joy and raise your personal vibration.

Like the hummingbird, we can elevate our consciousness to vibrate at the frequency of joy. The totem animal for How To Succeed On Purpose (the inspiration for the book's cover), this diminutive and magical creature shows us how to extract the nectar—the sweetness—from every experience and how teaches us to pollinate the ideas, people and projects we dance with.

Hummingbird Silhouette.png

Hummingbird Meditation

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Wisps of Consciousness

SOUL JOURN / VLOG / web series

This new vlog is what I'm calling a "Soul Journ" (a soul journal + journey + sojourn = Soul Journ). 

Can you guess the title of the series? Yep! How To Succeed On Purpose.

This is the first episode. Not quite a pilot because I've been shooting the series for a year. This episode is a perfect way to start — by noting how our lives are beautiful and ephemeral and how to best take advantage of the time we've got. With wisdom from Bruce Lee!

This episode is set in Big Sur though I've been around the world recently — which is where I'll be taking you should you BE SO BOLD as to JOIN ME from the safety of your nearest screen. 

Subscribe to my YouTube channel to see when I post new episodes!

Thank you for joining me. I'm always open to hearing your comments.

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Hurting & Healing

We are in a perpetual state of repair and maintenance, of growth and recovery, of death and rebirth — that’s our cycle of life.
— Truth



Arising from flames or returning to ashes?

It’s a cycle. Never ending. We are in a constant state of wounding ourselves—emotionally, physically, spiritually—from one source or another and then healing ourselves. Again and again.

Hurting and healing. We are in a perpetual state of repair, of maintenance, of growth of recovery — that’s our cycle of life. From neglect to nurture. From unloved to love. From absent-minded to whole-hearted.

We are in a constant state of being born or dying. Of hurting and healing. Of ascension or decadence. Of creation or destruction.

We are never done. Until we are. And then we don’t need a body any longer. And so it goes until we expire. Until then we are refreshing that which spoils. Replenishing the shelves. Extending our virtual shelf life.

We are in a constant state of being born or dying. Of hurting and healing. Of ascension or decadence. Of creation or destruction. And so it is with the Universe.

Welcome. Jump on in. The bathwater’s luke. Soon to run cold. But it can—and will—be heating up again. Once we add some flames to the fire. Some coals to the blaze. Stoke the ashes from which the Phoenix has just arisen.

Be patient with this magical creature — with you, me, the Phoenix. Give it just a sec. It was ashes only moments ago. It’s just getting warmed up.


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You Can't Go Wrong

Even when we feel we’ve gone wrong, made a mistake or taken a misstep, we haven’t. We’re living life the way it was intended. By being human. 
— Truth

You can't go wrong. What a nice thought. If only it were true...

But it is. You can't go wrong. No matter what. 

When options present themselves and you have the good fortune of something good or something better: You can't go wrong. 

It's like choosing the color for your new car: Hey, it's new car. You can't go wrong. 

It's like finding out if you're having a boy or girl: You can't go wrong. 

It's like picking between your favorite flavored of ice cream: You can't go wrong. 

Well, life is exactly like that. You can't go wrong. Or make a mistake. All you have are options.

"Mistakes" are to be learned from and create an opportunity to grow. To refine. To practice discernment.

Make No Mistake.jpg

"Good" choices are rewarded with good experiences. A reinforcement of what led you to make them. Of the practice of discernment. Of sound decision-making. Bravo. 

Even when we feel we've gone wrong, made a mistake or taken a misstep, we haven't. We're living life the way it was intended. By being human. 

The nature of human existence is a risk. That we ventured here as souls from Source energy was our willingness to take the trip. To buy the ticket for the earth-bound ride and ride the roller coaster. Even though it makes you gulp when you climb in and the safety harness swings down and secures you to the seat (you hope!). It gets the pulse going. It's a risk. Maybe you're gonna like it. Maybe not. Maybe you're gonna puke. Maybe not. Maybe you'll scream. And enjoy screaming. Maybe not. 

Whatever happens, happens. In any case, you can't go wrong. It's a no-lose proposition. Another new life experience. Now you know what riding this particular roller coaster is like. And you'll want to do it again. You'll want to try another one; faster, more loops, a bigger drop. Or maybe you'll find a completely different ride that's more your speed. Whatever the outcome, you learn, you grow, you had a brush with drama or fun or fright. And you made it. Moving on. 

You can't go wrong. 

There are no mistakes. Only decisions and outcomes and then better ones. Or worse ones. Doesn't matter. It all works out in the end. Nothing is forever. The nature of reality is impermanence. Just like the roller coaster ride is fleeting, so is life. If you don't like your current choice, pick something else. Change the ride. Buy a ticket for another thrill. Choose again. Choose a different amusement. Whatever you pick, you can't go wrong. 

What a relief. 


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Let Life Live You

Today, practice letting go and let life live you.
— Truth
Earth from a Million Miles Away


From A Million Miles Away

What does it mean to let life live you?

It's about a state of being-ness. Just being. Being human. Existing in a state of receptivity so that we may experience the life we are supposed to be living. And when I say "supposed to" I don't mean you aren't on the right path or you're not doing something correctly. What I mean is that the purpose you're supposed to fulfill, the reason you chose to be here at this moment in time with this set of life circumstances, will present itself when you stop the busy-ness of doing and start the being-ness of living.

Living present. In the here-and-now. Because living present is enjoying and experiencing the gift of being alive: an ever-evolving, ever-burgeoning, never-ending expanse of infinite vibrancy that gifts and re-gifts itself ad infinitum.

Do you think I know what I’m doing?
That for one breath or half-breath
I belong to myself?
As much as a pen knows what it’s writing,
or the ball can guess where it’s going next.
— Jelaluddin Rumi

There is a lot of motion happening even in stillness. Planet Earth rotates between 600 and 1100 miles an hour depending on your latitude; it revolves around the sun at 67,000 miles an hour; and the sun spirals through the galaxy at half a million miles an hour.

That's a lot of motion—on a planetary scale—even when you're doing nothing at all.

So take some time just to be for a change. Let events unfold, let time pass, let the celestial bodies rotate and revolve, spin and spiral. And maybe instead of trying so hard to live your life, just sit back and let life live you.


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The Human Condition?

Being human isn’t conditional. It’s not predicated on anything. There is no credit check. No application process. If you’re reading this, you’ve already qualified.
— Truth

Membership has its privileges.

Welcome to the club — you’re pre-approved.

What exactly is the "human condition?"

Being human isn’t a condition that can be ameliorated with a salve. It’s not a temporary state of being, at least while on this planet, anyway. It’s permanent.

And being human isn’t conditional. It’s not predicated on anything. There is no credit check. No application process. If you’re reading this, you've already qualified. Pre-conditions have been satisfied. You are human.

Welcome to the club — you’re pre-approved. Membership has its privileges. Being human is a state of being. It’s something to embrace, to celebrate and to come to terms with. You did ask to be here. You came into this time and place for a reason knowing full well what you were getting yourself into. Your soul knows why and what you are here to accomplish. And the way you can accomplish anything and everything, the true source expression of it all, is love.

So radiate love, be love, be in love. That’s human truth. It’s what makes us human beings. Not conditional humans. Being human is not a condition that needs to cured. It’s our regard for it, our perspective on it, that demands medical attention.

Best not to think of it as a condition. Like it’s something that you were diagnosed with and wonder how you contracted it and how you might cure it. It’s who we are. What we are. No salve will cure it. No balm will heal it, nor make it disappear or fade away or reverse its effects.

Solve your perspective, don’t salve your “condition.” You are human. I am human. Make the best of it: Fasten your seat belt and settle in for the ride of a lifetime.


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Delicate Vessel

The heart is a robust instrument, but a delicate vessel.
— Truth

The heart is a robust instrument, but a delicate vessel. It speaks with fortitude and in multitudes yet can be easily pierced. It's vulnerable nature is its source of strength -- a subtle and confounding irony. 

For our hearts to be robust and for our message to carry forth we must be open and vulnerable. When the walls of protection go up, they insulate and quiet our message. Those with moats and ramparts around their hearts diminish their power by the very act of hardening themselves to the world. 

An open heart is the seat of strength for that is the point where divine love enters and broadcasts its clarion call of sacred soothings that carry forth on currents that can change the world.


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Turtle Envy

Home—wherever you are—is being at peace, being content in your own skin... even if that skin’s a shell.
— Truth
Maui Sea Turtle

Like the enormous sea turtle I encountered on a Maui beach — it was 300 pounds at least! — who is at home in its shell wherever it happens to venture, home is wherever you are, being at peace, being content in your skin, even if that means feeling like a foreigner for a spell.

Because feeling at home is embracing and accepting however you are at the moment. Whatever is real for you right now. Accepting a true state of present awareness is your ultimate connection to home.

Remind yourself that feeling foreign in your home town means you had been feeling at home in a foreign town!
Yours truly, getting grounded in Maui

Yours truly, getting grounded in Maui

Sometimes one’s own home town can feel like foreign territory when returning from a new place, a new situation, a new environment. Coming “home” from some faraway corner of the globe or rarefied experience can make your home town feel out of place — or you out of place in it. Remind yourself that feeling foreign in your home town means you had been feeling at home in a foreign town!

Human beings are highly adaptable. Feeling foreign is a temporary state before we find our place, connect with our tribe and settle into the comfort of our own being. Not feeling at home means you did feel at home somewhere.

Find home again by reminding yourself that, like the sea turtle, you carry home with you wherever you go and home is somewhere you can be wherever you are.

Like the turtle, we can allow the awareness of "home" to be with us wherever we tread. And re-create the feelings we define as home whenever we want.

At least, until we can return to our most favorite, most familiar, perfectly-tailored shell.

Which we realize was with us all along.


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This isn't about "make it or break it," "use it or lose it," "love it or leave it." It's about improvising improvements.

WHEN SHIT GOES WRONG, like something falling through or going to pot or breaking or getting totaled, rolling with it often leads to an improvement of circumstances; the replacement of the old with something new and better (not just different), something that shows a greater refinement of choices in one's life. A new opportunity for growth and evolution, for transcendence and promotion. 

Its not just about going with the flow, it's not just about improvisation; it's improve-isation: the act of improving your life. Making the upgrade that often comes to us after a period of things falling away, breaking or in the wake of crushing disappointments: a better home, a newer car, a more loving partner, a more embracing community, a healthier body, a more rewarding job, a more purposeful life, a brighter future.

This isn't about "make it or break it," "use it or lose it," "love it or leave it." It's about improvising improvements.

It's the tap dance of IMPROVE-isation.

Tank House view
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The Power of "No"

No just means "Not Now." 

It has the power to direct us. 

And for us to be directed. 

And to direct ourselves by saying no to that which isn't our cup of tea or doesn't serve us in the moment. 

Does "NO" help you get on target?

Does "NO" help you get on target?

When we say no ourselves it often means exactly that: "Not now. Not until I know more. Not until I see efficacy or proof or popularity or see it in practice or in context."

No. Until someone else wants it. Or until I hear it's good from someone I trust. Or a stranger. Good word of mouth. Or with a doctor's recommendation. Or when I've tried the alternative. 

Or no because I wasn't listening. Wasn't fully paying attention. Wasn't in the moment. Was in my head. Was rushing to judgement. It was no before you got to the end. Finished your thought. Expressed the idea or story or pitch or project fully. No no no.

Until later, when someone else got it or bought it or tried it out and liked it and then "No wasn't what I meant. Isn't what I mean. You took it the wrong way."

No, I don't like that. Because it's new. Because I haven't tried it. Because I know won't like it. Like broccoli. Or Brussel sprouts when I was kid. Of course, now they're my favorite sautéed and seasoned just right. Now they are a "yes." But used to be a firm no. 

What's a "firm no" vs a "soft no" anyway? How about a "tentative yes" vs a "fuck yeah!"  What about "maybe?"

There are gradations of no, no? A firm no. A strong no. An absolute no. A firm rejection. 

And then there is a "soft pass." A soft no. Meaning, come back later. Try again. With different elements. Or a new presentation. Or with different timing. 

Or I'm "indifferent." Because of my mood. Because "I'm in the know" which often translates to "I'm in the no." Because that how I exercise my power. That's all they'll let me do: Say "no." So I say it liberally. Because I'm not allowed to utter "yes."

Lesson: If we disempower "yes" by only giving others the ability to exercise their power by saying "no," then guess what they're going to spend their time doing? Guess what we'll spend our days hearing? Nonono. And you can take that to the bank. Actually, you can't. Because no's don't fill your account; only yeses do. 

Know-it-alls no the path: "No way no how no-no's: They'll be "no it alls."  No all the time. Because it's the only way they can feel any sense of control, any sense of authority, any sense of empowerment. They'll exercise they're creativity by inventing all kinds of reasons, excuses and ways to say "no." No because I said so. No because that's not what they want. Not what they like. Because they don't trust me and I don't trust myself. (See: Trust)  No just because. 

No is so commonplace that we in casual conversation when we agree with someone we'll often respond "No, yeah."  Listen for it. It's a continual refrain: (someone nodding): "No, no, yeah."

We are chock full of "no." We hear no so often we don't even recognize it ourselves when we utter it. No, no, yeah. What an oxymoron! We say the opposite of what we mean and then contradict ourselves with the very next word. "No, no, yeah."

"You no?"

"I no, right?"

"Do you no?"

Let's empower the "yes" in our lives by empowering others' "yeses." If we empower others to get to yes, then yes is what we'll hear a lot more often along the path. 

Yes. Thank you. More please. 

Remember, the thing to know about "no" is that no means no. No for now. Not until later. Maybe never. But never say never. 

No means no until you realize it points the path to yes.

So now you know a little more about no. You've acquired some "no-ledge." Which is particularly powerful when it helps you get to "yes."

And we all need more "yes" in our lives, no?


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