Masters of Divinity

making Faith relevant in modern times

This unfolding docuseries chronicles my investigation into disparate religions, spiritual practices and movement disciplines to establish a connection to the Divine. I interview contemporary spiritual leaders to discover how they are making Faith relevant in our non-stop, interconnected, modern world.

Masters of Divinity presents ancient wisdom in a modern context with interviews and teachings from master practitioners across a variety of disciplines.

This rich pool of wisdom traditions includes: yogis, preachers, teachers, Chi Gong and Tai Chi masters, monks, rabbis, priests and ministers, philosophers and scientists, healers, dancers and Native American tribal elders.

Drawing the through-line between varied religious and spiritual frameworks, the series presents ancient wisdom with a modern spin that invites the audience to follow the guidance of its own heart.

Masters of Divinity. A docuseries about making Faith relevant—and accessible—in modern times.


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