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You Can't Go Wrong

Even when we feel we’ve gone wrong, made a mistake or taken a misstep, we haven’t. We’re living life the way it was intended. By being human. 
— Truth

You can't go wrong. What a nice thought. If only it were true...

But it is. You can't go wrong. No matter what. 

When options present themselves and you have the good fortune of something good or something better: You can't go wrong. 

It's like choosing the color for your new car: Hey, it's new car. You can't go wrong. 

It's like finding out if you're having a boy or girl: You can't go wrong. 

It's like picking between your favorite flavored of ice cream: You can't go wrong. 

Well, life is exactly like that. You can't go wrong. Or make a mistake. All you have are options.

"Mistakes" are to be learned from and create an opportunity to grow. To refine. To practice discernment.

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"Good" choices are rewarded with good experiences. A reinforcement of what led you to make them. Of the practice of discernment. Of sound decision-making. Bravo. 

Even when we feel we've gone wrong, made a mistake or taken a misstep, we haven't. We're living life the way it was intended. By being human. 

The nature of human existence is a risk. That we ventured here as souls from Source energy was our willingness to take the trip. To buy the ticket for the earth-bound ride and ride the roller coaster. Even though it makes you gulp when you climb in and the safety harness swings down and secures you to the seat (you hope!). It gets the pulse going. It's a risk. Maybe you're gonna like it. Maybe not. Maybe you're gonna puke. Maybe not. Maybe you'll scream. And enjoy screaming. Maybe not. 

Whatever happens, happens. In any case, you can't go wrong. It's a no-lose proposition. Another new life experience. Now you know what riding this particular roller coaster is like. And you'll want to do it again. You'll want to try another one; faster, more loops, a bigger drop. Or maybe you'll find a completely different ride that's more your speed. Whatever the outcome, you learn, you grow, you had a brush with drama or fun or fright. And you made it. Moving on. 

You can't go wrong. 

There are no mistakes. Only decisions and outcomes and then better ones. Or worse ones. Doesn't matter. It all works out in the end. Nothing is forever. The nature of reality is impermanence. Just like the roller coaster ride is fleeting, so is life. If you don't like your current choice, pick something else. Change the ride. Buy a ticket for another thrill. Choose again. Choose a different amusement. Whatever you pick, you can't go wrong. 

What a relief. 


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