Join me as I seek purpose in my creative life,
in my entrepreneurial work, and most importantly,
within my own heart.

A Pilgrimage of Purpose

Each day of my global travels, I take a principle from How to Succeed on Purposemy book of transformational teachings—to see how it inspires me, how I can embody its lesson and how it manifests in the day's events.

pilot | "Moment-to-Moment" in los angeles, Zurich, Madrid

In this episode, I travel from California to Switzerland to Spain and spend my first hours in Madrid exploring the power of living moment-to-moment. What a difference a day makes!

Episode 2 | "Alone" in Madrid

Can we be alone without being lonely?


In this episode, I explore what it means to walk the path "alone" and how Siddhartha (from Herman Hesse's novel) traveled a parallel journey in his awakening quest for enlightenment.

episode 3 | "TRUST" in córdoba

Was I right to trust in Divine guidance?


In this episode, I am guided to rent a humble little room in Córdoba to explore a city that was never on my travel agenda.

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