Love. Marriage. Happiness. Pick two.

Benjamin Splits is a multi-generational family comedy about the inopportune timing of a romantic wedding announcement. 

It's also a short film that's almost feature length.

It started as a one act play that ran for six weeks at a little black box theater in Los Angeles and evolved from there. The ensemble cast was so much fun to work with that I turned the play into a film and converted my own home into a production studio where the cast and crew lived, worked and filmed the majority of the movie.

When all was said the project was this shy of a feature-length film. So it's something akin to a 60-minute pilot for a new series. I've split it into six ten-minute episodes for the web.

Benjamin Splits has stood the test of time: the performances are nuanced and fully-inhabited and the characters and dialogue carry the piece. It's also a fun, relatable concept, as everyone has experienced the insanity of their own family dynamic.

I've written this project as a studio feature screenplay and as a spec network pilot. It was my first multi-platform effort! Bringing Benjamin Splits first to the theater and then to the screen was the single best creative experience of my entertainment career. I hope the fun of making it comes across to its viewers.

(This trailer was cut by one of my company interns.)

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