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Mantra for Abundance

“The right things come to me in the right way at the right time.”

~ Truth

Where our attention goes, energy flows. For as refined as the algorithm Facebook uses to present information in our feed to get us to click on it, the Universe has the perfect algorithm for our attention to get us to engage with it, to direct us, to provide us with resources necessary for the fulfillment of all our desires and the highest aspirations for ourselves.

Don't Buy Something. Be Something.

The right things are the things we need, the resources, information, knowledge, wisdom, teachers, guidance, money, connections, channels, skills that we require for the next leg of the journey, the next challenge, the next obstacle to surmount, the next hurdle to jump, the next wall to scale, the next goal to fulfill.

Those things come to us in the right way, that is, they come over the transom in a manner in which we can recognize and receive them. They are sent in a method that is meant just for us, perfectly for us, intended just for us, in a manner only we can recognize as exactly and precisely right for us. We know it when we see it, hear it, taste it, touch it, smell it.

And finally, those things come to us in the right time, at precisely the moment we need them, Divinely-ordered, which is to say, just in time. For when else would we need something then exactly when we need it? Why carry around a tool we can’t use until we need to use it? Why be in possession of extraneous or superfluous things until we require their utility? The Universe knows what we need, when we need it and hands off its special delivery to us in the instant we need it most.

Believe it. Repeat it:

“The right things come to me in the right way at the right time.”

It’s a mantra of Divine timing. A Mantra for Abundance. A mantra for being present in the moment so that we can recognize when there’s a delivery with our name on it.

Otherwise, where is our attention? Is it on Facebook, where its algorithm is presenting us with news on which to focus our awareness? Is it on YouTube whose algorithm presents us with the next best video to stream to maintain our engagement?

Or is our attention in the moment, on our being, in awareness of where we are, what we’re thinking, how we’re feeling and what we’re doing RIGHT NOW so that we can receive the message, the information, the resources, the insight, the gift that the Universe delivers to us at the exactly the right time in the right way for its best and highest use and our best and highest purpose? Hopefully, the latter. 

And it’s the latter that enables you to climb the ladder.

And that ladder is the one the Universe urges you ascend to become your best self, the most aspirational version of who you are, of who you can become. Because, ultimately, while the content on Facebook, on YouTube, on the device you’re currently reading this on can provide entertaining engagement, the most effective and powerful algorithm in creation is the one that directed you to this post in the first place: Divine Timing, Cosmic Consciousness, Source Serendipity.

And it’s making you aware that to receive the abundance that is ever-flowing in your direction, you must be present to receive it. Present in the world in which you are a part. Present. Presently. Like being home for the FedEx guy.

“You must be present to receive the present.”

Anything that attunes you to that truth, that reinforces that tenet, that amplifies that axiom is an algorithm worth paying attention to. It’s the ONLY algorithm that matters. The algorithm of BEING. It’s an algorithm that isn’t trying to get you to do anything other than fulfill your greatest potential and live your most meaningful life.

The funny thing is this algorithm doesn’t cost you anything. Nor does it cost you anything to receive it. You don’t even need to take Visa or American Express. There are no transaction fees. It doesn’t sell your information, your demographics, your analytics. And you don’t pay a percentage.

But you do have to pay attention.

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