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Virtual Matter is a visionary agency for the future.

Some of the traditional media projects TW Hawk, Virtual Matter's CEO, has been a driving-force behind — as producer, deal-maker, project architect or talent representative.

There are no limits: what we imagine we can create. What we dream, we can manifest. We now have the tools, the resources and environments in which to materialize—virtually—anything we can envision.

Virtual Matter offers agency to do exactly that. We are a unique business catalyst that synthesizes creative ideation and professional execution across myriad platforms at the confluence of entertainment and technology.


TW Hawk, CEO, has been a business innovator (the second literary manager in Hollywood), creative taste-maker (discovering and growing the biggest female comedy writing brand in Hollywood) and entrepreneurial deal-maker (film, TV, publishing, online, mobile, comic books, web series, digital and more) for decades. 

Providing leadership, direction and resources for visionary creative and entrepreneurial talent, media-makers, storytellers and innovators, Virtual Matter guides, connects and catalyzes individuals, creatives and companies—and their ideas—to predict the future by inventing it.


The Future = Future Talent. The talent of the future is the talent that shapes the future. The power to create our future starts in the present, which is why Virtual Matter Shapes the Future with Presence


Visionaries hold insights borne of wisdom, experience, talent, intuition and perhaps by eavesdropping on the future itself. Visionaries see what others have not, cannot and will not... until we show them.

Virtual Matter identifies inspiring, compelling and marketable ideas, people, products or services and helps shape, package and communicate them to take hold, to take root, to take off in world markets.


Virtual Matter is a change agent. A creative catalyst creating real-world value from potentiality. It sources resources to nurture ideas. Identifies innovation partners. Communicates with crystal clarity. It shapes people, products and services to shape the future.


In our digital age, virtual is the new black. Virtual is where it starts. Ideas are virtual. Inspiration is virtual. We may not be able to feel it, touch it or taste it, but we can experience it. Virtual is the new reality. 

With the advent of Virtual Reality, it is literally thus. VR immerses us in experiences that our bodies and minds can hardly distinguish from reality. We experience the feeling of "being there." We make memories from our immersion. And that immersion is called "presence." Unlike our distracted multi-tasking modern lives, while present we are in the moment of our experience. Aware, awake, attentive. We feel emotions. We experience empathy. We are connected to being.

Paradoxically, our "virtual" experience demands our "real" attention. That's why VR as a medium is so potent. It has the power to reconnect us with our own humanity — and with each other. Re-grounding our attention. Re-discovering ourselves. Heightening our awareness.

Hence... Virtual.


What's worth doing? Things that matter. Nothing—nothing worthwhile—comes easy.

Visionaries may hold a fully-realized crystallization of their vision for the future, but manifesting that vision into form in the material world is where the work happens. It's incredibly challenging. Takes immeasurable levels of focus and determination, and typically, vast resources of human, creative and financial capital. One must hold fast to one's vision and relentlessly, tirelessly, voraciously will it into existence.

Given how much effort it takes to make something, let's make something meaningful. With all the resources necessary to create, let's create something that matters. 

Hence... Matter.

The Present

Now, more than ever, if you're not part of the future, you're not part of the present. In this transformative time where continual, rapid, evolutionary change is the only constant, it's the visionary change-makers who craft the future.

Visionaries take charge of the present. They conjure meaning from ideas whose time has come. They endeavor to materialize their vision, to bring products and services, stories and technology to market, to stake a claim in the uncharted territory of the field of possibility.

Visionaries shape the future by transforming the present to make things that matter

Fellow Visionaries, to paraphrase Rumi, out there is a field of possibility, I'll meet you there.

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Shaping the Future with Presence

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