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Contemplative in Big Sur.

Contemplative in Big Sur.

I’m TW Hawk. The T stands for “Truth.”

In recent years, I've transformed my life. And myself.

After two decades of success living a Hollywood dream I created from scratch replete with A-list clients and a beach-front home in Malibu, I felt called—compelled—to explore deeper terrain.

The life I knew unraveled in favor of a new one that didn’t even exist yet. It had no shape nor form. No locale. And no guarantees. But I had trust. Faith. And curiosity.

What followed was a multi-year quest of inquiry, exploration, travel, and healing that resulted in profound personal and professional transformation.

In my book, How To Succeed On Purpose, I offer light-filled principles synthesized over the course this journey as well as experiential wisdom gleaned over a high-flying career working with creative artists in the exciting, unpredictable, roller-coaster of “show business.”

The book will make you smile. Laugh. Maybe even cry. Then it will change your life.

And I speak from experience.

At peace in Amsterdam.

At peace in Amsterdam.

Celebrating success in Rotterdam.

Celebrating success in Rotterdam.


“Entrepreneurial mindset” in the Amsterdam startup ecosystem.

As CEO of Virtual Matter, I work as Chief Ambassador to talent to provide leadership, direction and support for visionary creatives and entrepreneurs. Virtual Matter guides, connects, and catalyzes individuals and companies—and their ideas—to cultivate and co-manifest meaningful visions of the future over a spectra of platforms. We teach you to predict the future by inventing it.

street cred

Hollywood player? Yep, check that box. I've spent more than 25 years discovering talent, shaping creative works and deal-making. I've grown decade-spanning content creator brands and built the careers of A-list artists and Pulitzer Prize-winners from scratch.

I've innovated new ways to develop, produce, market and monetize Intellectual Property. I've taught branding and teamwork at Stanford University. I’ve lectured at the world’s top film schools and international writers conferences. I've combined storytelling with technology, team-building with design-thinking, and content creation with lean start-up methodology.

Speaking at UCLA Graduate Business School in Los Angeles, California.

inspiring Content

What it means is… I’ve got a handle on things. Lots of things: Movies. TV. Documentaries. Books. Graphic novels. Web series. Filmmakers. Writers. Authors. Creatives. Entrepreneurs. Founders. Leaders. Healers. Masters. Teachers. Musicians. Actors. And now… you!

Every bit of my experience, hard work, and dedication has led me here. To this moment. To right now. Communicating with you at a soul level. Vibrating at the frequency of heart. To leverage the power of intuition to align you with the truth of your own greatest potential.

Let my story and our work together inspire your own transformation.

teacher / speaker / guide

Whether guiding groups or organizations, coaching individuals or teams, teaching thought leaders or CEO's, my unique methodology helps you attune to your own inner wisdom. It guides your transformation into the greatest vision that you — and the Universe — can conjure. You can join my workshops, seminars, or meditation sessions in person or online.

Truth Serums

Modern wisdom for modern life.

Believe it to receive it!

Only you can prove how to move to a new groove.

Think + Feel + Do = Manifestation

success principles & practice

How to put these principles into practice? Aye, there’s the rub. But I’ve got you covered… with docuseries, guided meditations, audio programs, and inspirational talks. They expand on my easy-to-digest concepts around purpose and success to inspire individuals, organizations, and thought leaders around the world to do their most meaningful work, and to lead their most fulfilling lives.

Truth Talks

How do you define joy? Here’s Truth’s take…

inspirational videos

Thought-provoking web series to inspire and catalyze joy.

That Moment of Truth

Impermanence at the Colosseum in Rome.

How to Succeed on Purpose

Success is a decrease on the daily in Big Sur.

Hawk to Hawk in Portland, Oregon.

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