Transformational Change Agent

meditation for transformation [AUDIO]

Manifest abundance, experience peace of mind, learn to just... be.

These guided meditations will lead you through personal transformation to a place of centered calm from which you can manifest your deepest desires. Settle your mind, relax into your breath, find your focus, strengthen your being.

Stream these meditations on your mobile phone in more than 100 countries around the world on mobile app, Zen. Download it here from the App Store.

Superman and THE Fortress of Solitude


Superman Meditation - Part One

Take a heroic journey to uncover your true identity, your unique strengths and your own super powers.

Follow Clark Kent's mythological quest to discover “Who Am I?” which unearthed that which he was destined to become: Superman.

Fortress of Solitude

Superman Meditation - Part Two

Just like Clark Kent became Superman, you can become your own Super Being.

Learn to commune with a Divine source of power and wisdom—like Superman—by taking a journey inside the Fortress of Solitude.


Hummingbird Silhouette.png

Hummingbird meditation


Invoke the joyous flight and freedom of the hummingbird to inspire joy and raise your personal vibration.

Like the hummingbird, we can elevate our consciousness to vibrate at the frequency of joy. The totem animal and inspiration for the cover of How To Succeed On Purpose, this diminutive, magical creature shows us how to extract the sweet nectar from every experience, and to pollinate each of the ideas, people and projects we dance with.

Mantra for Abundance

Learn a simple mantra for manifesting continual abundance in your life.

Meditation for Detachment

Become the peaceful observer of your own life.

Meditation for Certitude

Learn to overcome life’s uncertainties — and to feel better about uncertainty when it shows up for you.

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