who is truth?

I'm Truth W. Hawk, an author, filmmaker and thought leader combining creative entrepreneurship with inspiration, spirit and purpose. 

I am the CEO of Content Engine, a creative media studio for the New Hollywood™, a talent manager and movie producer. I was the second independent literary manager in Hollywood.

I am an entertainment industry veteran with more than 20 years experience discovering talent, shaping creative works and deal-making.

While I'm proud of my professional accomplishments, they don't wholly define me.

What we do and who we are are two different things.

Looking back on my career as I set a trajectory for the future, a clear through-line emerges: I inspire others to succeed on purpose. That's my mission. That's my purpose. To help others succeed in alignment with their purpose — the great theme of their life.

IS Truth your real name?

In Spanish, to ask one's name "¿Como se llama?" translates directly as "How do you call yourself?" Truth is how I call myself.

What's your "real" name? The name your parents gave you before you were born? The name inherited from a deceased relative you never met? The name on your birth certificate, passport or high school diploma? Or the name you go by that holds the essential vibration of who you are?

Truth is how others call me. It's what my parents call me. Truth is the name I inhabit, a name that resonates with me. And if the shoe fits... you know the rest.

A transformational journey

To remake and reinvent ourselves—especially as artists—we have to shift the paradigm of how others think of us and transform how we think about ourselves.

As everyone has experienced, it's hard to shift people's perspectives of who they think you are. People like to pigeonhole. Especially in Hollywood.

My Hollywood brand, if you will, is one I've spent two decades and a tremendous amount of hard work and passion building. I am proud of my reputation and track record.  But it's not all of me. 

Google "Truth" and you won't get my Hollywood track record. To see all that, you'll need to google Seth Jaret. That's right, Seth Jaret of Content Engine. You can check out more than two decades of my content, interviews, essays, web series, podcasts, clients and credits here. It's extensive.

Re-branding is fundamental for creative and personal renewal.

In order to redefine, renew and relaunch my own creative efforts, I found it essential to develop a fresh identity that didn't carry the weight of my reputation and résumé, nor my track record as entrepreneur and businessman nor my brand as a talent manager and producer.

Hence, T.W. Hawk is my creative handle. Truth is a reinvented, reimagined and renewed version of myself.

Truth allows me to meet others as the most potent version of myself. Truth allows me to define and build a new brand, an identity that encompasses my latest creative work, my renewed interest in spirituality and healing, and my ambition to reach, teach and inspire the world.

A new 'brand canopy"

"Truth" allows me to give voice to my creative work.

That said, my journey to becoming Truth is a journey of purpose. Unique though it may be, my story is universal as every one of us is evolving and learning, growing and changing, striving and  transforming.

As a media entrepreneur, I've worked creatively and collaboratively with artists my whole life—writers, directors, actors, musicians, composers, creators. I'm able to do this as I, too, am an artist. 

A writer and director.
An author and entrepreneur.
A musician and media designer.
A speaker and teacher.

My work under the canopy of Truth is an opportunity to bring all my disparate interests and creative ventures together. Which is what my new book, How to Succeed on Purpose, is all about. Check out the blogpodcast and a free preview of the book to sample its Inspiration for Transformation.

Truth and Seth have a lot in common

T.W. Hawk and Seth Jaret are a duality that's coming together. I still lead both lives. They are disparate and unique, yet connected and overlapping. They are both me, reflections of me, expressions of me. In the same way we are all eclectic and multifarious, I, too am multiplicative.

I wear many hats and enjoy various creative expressions. I love to work independently and collaboratively, collectively and entrepreneurially. And I desire to continue teaching, inspiring and elevating others.

I contain multitudes. 
           ~ Walt Whitman

I happily share this journey with you as it might inspire or encourage your own personal or professional transformation.

My desire is to help others to know their best selves, to develop their greatest talents and innate abilities, to find their PURPOSE and to share it with the world. As human beings, our purpose is purpose. Succeeding in alignment with purpose enables us to live our most rewarding lives and do our most meaningful work.

For as multitudinous as we are, there's really only ONE TRUTH.


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