Meditation for Leaders

Get outta your head and into your heart!

Where You Are ❤️'d!

An expansion of the principal in How To Succeed On Purpose. 
It’s purpose is to get you out of a head space and into a heart space.

In the video, I'm in Kenya speaking to nearly a hundred young African leaders who have just arrived and then guiding them through a heart-centered meditation at the opening of the New Generation Leadership (NGL) Conference.

This was the first meditation of the conference—and for many attendees the first meditation of their entire lives! 

Apologies for the camera work, but since I was in the shot, that was out of my control. I invite you to put this on in the background and let it run as an audio meditation.

Close your eyes, breathe naturally, place your hands on your chest and join me as I lead you to...

Where You Are ❤️'d!

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