Transformational Change Agent

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TW Hawk teaches simple, potent success concepts to catalyze your dreams and joy.

  • 3:10
    In just minutes a day, inspire your transformation from who you are now into who you most desire to be.
  • 4:30
    “Perfect",” even when attained, is just a moment in time, a temporary state of being. Then we must strive to attain The New Perfect.
  • 4:08
    When you align with purpose, the universe goes to work with its infinite organizing power to deliver your optimal result in the most efficient manner possible.
  • 8:48
    The most intuitive form of success is one where success comes naturally.
  • 3:09
    When we are handed a PROBLEM by the Universe it simultaneously hands us the SOLUTION. We just don't realize it.
  • 2:13
    How do we realign and renew our awareness of Universal time-frames?
  • 1:33
    In the quest for more we often discover that there is something is BETTER than MORE.
  • 5:31
    In order to get ahead, to move up, to rise in the ranks we need to do the opposite of taking on more — we need to lighten our load. 
  • 1:42
    There's a lot of BEST to make when we take the approach of making the BEST of it.
  • 3:53
    Are you scurrying in the direction your head is aiming you or heeding the insistent navigation of your heart?
  • 1:38
    Life is an endless cycle of dying and being born anew.
  • 1:05
    The heart is a robust instrument, but a delicate vessel.
  • 2:09
    Meditate on the nature of God to divine the truth of your own nature.

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