Inspiring Success On Purpose

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We are wisps
of consciousness having
an ephemeral
~ Truth

My name is TW Hawk.
The T stands for "Truth."

I am an author, artist & filmmaker combining creative entrepreneurship with spirit, people and purpose.

I'm currently living and sharing the principals of my work—through my writing, speaking and filmmaking—to inspire individuals, organizations and thought leaders around the world to succeed on purpose.

Through my new book, How To Succeed On Purpose, documentary filmmaking, guided meditations and global business leadership, I teach leaders, creatives and companies to empower themselves and their endeavors through my unique methodology and transformational approach.

I infuse all my work with purpose and passion to be inspirational, aspirational and transformational.

As CEO of my own creative media agency, Virtual Matter, I work to visualize, enable, guide, and realize visions of the future. That matter.

As a Hollywood veteran, I've spent more than 20 years discovering talent, shaping creative works and deal-making.

I've grown hugely successful content creator brands and built and managed the careers of A-list artists and Pulitzer Prize-winners from scratch.

I've innovated and executed new ways to develop, produce, market and monetize Intellectual Property.

I've taught branding and teamwork at Stanford University.

I've combined storytelling with technology, team-building with design-thinking, and content creation with lean start-up methodology.

And I navigate the confluence of media and technology to reach audiences with inspired content across myriad platforms wherever they may be online or around the globe.

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Discover purpose. Define success.
Live your truth.
Design your life.


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