Hey, there. I’m TW Hawk. The “T’ stands for Truth.

Here’s the skinny…


We are wisps of consciousness
having an ephemeral
~ Truth

In recent years, I've transformed my life. And myself.

After two decades of success living the Hollywood dream I created from scratch, I felt called—compelled—to explore deeper terrain.

The life I knew unraveled in favor of a new one that didn’t even exist yet. It had no shape nor form. No locale. And no guarantees.

But I had trust. Faith. And curiosity.

What followed was a multi-year quest of inquiry, exploration, travel, and healing that resulted in profound personal and professional transformation. In my book, I offer light-filled principals synthesized over the course this journey as well as experiential wisdom gleaned over a high-flying career working with creative artists in the exciting, unpredictable, roller-coaster of “show business.”

The book will make you smile. Laugh. Maybe even cry. Then it’ll change your life.

And I speak from experience.


Modern Wisdom & Inspirational Truth for Succeeding Each Day of Your Life

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READER Testimony

“Your book is life-changing and I wanted to let you know.”

"A little spiritual masterpiece."

"I am loving your book… your approach... your writing style."

“It’s like talking to a friend...”

"Delightfully insightful and really quite brilliant."

"Love how you penetrate and open awareness.”

"Reading it with tears."

“Seriously reminds me of the bible when read properly.”


THIS BOOK FITS your modern lifestyle as no one’s got time to read.

Designed with our hyper-connected, fast-paced life in mind so you can quickly scan the Truth Serums, then effortlessly synthesize the modern wisdom as your own. Concise tidbits, light-filled pages, and high vibrations transmit timeless insights that guide you to your own inner wisdom.

same, same

WE ALL confront the same human issues no matter who we are, where we live or what we aspire to become. Some easy-to-integrate principles and universal core values can root us in our being-ness so that we can transform the aspects of our lives we wish to change.

what aRE YOU goING learn?

HOW CAN YOU... be in the moment, face uncertainty, confront fear, resolve conflict, communicate effectively, tune into your heart, heed your Inner Voice, align body-mind-spirt, act from certainty instead of desperation, confront challenge, overcome suffering, heal yourself, define success, and align with purpose?

It’s in there.


NO MATTER how you approach this book, its wisdom will work its magic on you. It’ll reawaken your passion for life, shift your perspective, give you something to think about, to heart about, to smile about! So just do it. Get it. Grab it. Buy it!

The power to succeed on purpose is just a click away…

tell me more ABOUT “TRUTH”

“I love working with Truth — a true artist in every sense of the word.” ~ S. Stern

An entrepreneur of Spirit

MY PUBLISHING IMPRINT, Light Reads, harnesses the power of authorial content to raise consciousness. As CEO of Virtual Matter, I inspire, cultivate and co-manifest meaningful visions of the future with fellow visionaries, artists, and creatives over a spectra of platforms.

putting principles into practice

MY ADDITIONAL CONTENT — docuseries, guided meditations, audio programs, & inspirational talks — expands on universal principles of purpose and success to inspire individuals, organizations, and thought leaders around the world to do their most meaningful work, and to lead their most fulfilling lives.

taking the STAGE to leap from the page

WHETHER GUIDING GROUPS or organizations, coaching individuals or teams, teaching thought leaders or CEO's, my unique methodology helps you attune to your own inner wisdom to transform yourself and your life into the most meaningful and fulfilling vision you and the Universe can conjure.


HOLLYWOOD PLAYER? Yep. Check that box. I've spent more than 20 years discovering talent, shaping creative works and deal-making. I've grown content creator brands and built the careers of A-list artists and Pulitzer Prize-winners from scratch.

I've innovated new ways to develop, produce, market and monetize Intellectual Property. I've taught branding and teamwork at Stanford University. I've combined storytelling with technology, team-building with design-thinking, and content creation with lean start-up methodology. (Whatever that means.) Which means… I’ve got a handle on things.

Movies. TV. Docs. Books. Graphic novels. Web series. Filmmakers. Writers. Authors. Creatives. Entrepreneurs. Founders. Leaders. Healers. Masters. Teachers. Musicians. Actors. And now… you!

EACH AND EVERY IOTA of experience and hard work and dedication to creative pursuits has led me HERE. To this very moment. Communicating to you at a soul level. Vibrating at the frequency of heart. To leverage the power of Spirit. To align with purpose. And to inspire your success.

Let my story inspire your transformation. To make our success a mutuality.

©2018 TW Hawk • All Rights Reserved.